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I have loved dogs since I was a little child.  When I was going to school I would see dogs in fences and on chains and let them loose.  I would tell my teacher,"Oh he just followed me to school"  Of course I  became very well know for dogs in school, so the day I let a Miniature French  Poodle (that was a show dog) out of someone's back yard the police where called and they knew exactly where to go.  That was the day I decided to have a kennel.  

As I grew up and had children I got into horses.  I managed a 65 acre farm.  I owned horses, cows, chicken, and goats.  Another horse woman and myself built a barn and the children learned all about animal life.  When horses got too expensive I went to dogs and that was the beginning.  I had large dogs at that time for protection and trained them for Schutzhund work (a German dog sport mainly for German Shepards)  I trained my Pit Bull all the way to the DVG Nationals and he was on the cover of  the UKC Bloodlines magazine along with his story.

When my doctor told me if I liked walking I would have to choose a smaller breed.  Being that I had Rottweilers and UKC Pit Bull Terriers I stayed with the terrier
 Hence came My first Parson .

I bought  my first Parson (at that time they were called Jack Russell Terriers) from a reputable breeder that I was working for at the time, she took the cost of her out of my pay. She became an AKC Champion at the age of one year old.  Seeing that she really was not happy showing in conformation we went on to agility, obedience, CGC,(AKC temperament test and earthdog.  She got titles in all of those classes and retired to start my own bloodlines.  



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