GCH. Friendship-Barnun's Heaven Knows
Sire: CH Rednock Handsdown
Dam: CH Rednock Sweet Harmony
Whelped: 10/15/2011
Eye cert CLEAR


Achievements:AKC Championship February 2013
Grand Champion April 2013



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 CH Rednock Handsdown



  Rednock Havelot Champion VDH D/KFT DK Jgd KFT Jgd VDH Euro Jg-Sg VDH Euro angekoert VDH

 Just In Time Never The Last    Champion D/KFT VDH DK Europasg VDH Klubsieger D Klubsieger angekoert D
Rednock Scamp Champion D/KFT VDH Bundessieger D Klub Jgd Sg D Champ Jgd KFT Bundes Jg Sg D Klub Jgd Sg D
Rednock Sandi Champion D/KFT VDH  Rednock Anew Jupiter        Champion Jgd KFT Mill B Jgd SG
Rednock Cheeky Chazzy       Champion D/KFT VDH angekoert VDH


 CH Rednock Sweet Harmony

CH Fox Valley Vision Quest  German CH KFT


CH Fox Valley Sticks & Stones
CH Fox Valley Venus
 CH Rednock Cheeky Chazzy  German CH KFT  German CH VDH CH Rednock Keep the Promise      German CH KFT  Jugendchampion KFT  Europa-Jgd-Sg VDH  and FCI 1999
CH Rednock My Own Marsha        CH KFT  CH VDH  Jugendchampion KFT Klub-Jgd-Sg D 1996



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